Redesign Rackspace Mobile

Welcome to the new Rackspace App.

At Rackspace, there came a time where we had to completely reimagine our apps visual identity, pivoting our look and feel to be more consistent with what our customers' relationship with the online web portals tend to be. This was an opportunity to take what was already there and fine-tune it for a more satisfying experience.

Problem Statement

An Infrastructure Manager is skeptical about using the app because they have never seen a blue Rackspace product and it's cumbersome to use. However, they need a way to analyze environment status on-the-go, for when critical or unforeseen situations occur.

Primary Issues

Color Strategy

Research revealed that having unrelated branding gave the perception that customers are using the wrong app. With a design system in place, I developed a mobile library to unite our mobile presence with our online portals.

Implemented Rackspace Design System color strategy for the Rackspace Mobile app.


The majority of the layout and flow are almost identical. Yet, there were inconsistencies between tasks that were ripe to tidy up. For example, ‘Monitoring’ made use of 3 categories (originally, only represented by an icon) for different levels of status. Meanwhile, ‘Severs’ simply placed all instances in a single list relying only on the use of color to differentiate their current health.

... ...
Before and after iOS mockups of Rackspace Monitoring and Servers.

In efforts to improve the experience where it would require a minimal level of effort from engineering, I did the following:

... ...
Android before and after mockups of Monitoring and Server Details.

In most cases, I delivered a no-change scenario that was supported by an alternate solution that I advocated would enhance the usability and overall experience but would require buy-in from our development and product stakeholders. Our ‘Monitoring’ and ‘Server’ features are perfect examples of going to battle for our customers, and in the end, the revised solutions made the most sense and were implemented.

“Did you know, that 4.5% of the global population experience color blindness? That’s 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women!”


Our customers also have a need to create resources and communications while on the go. Previously, these tasks were thought about individually and handled much differently. However, opting for a reimagined experience that was consistent for all situations where a user would need to create something new, there is now a refactored step by step flow.

Mockups for a completely revamped creation flow for ticketing and servers.
Updated 8/11/2019: View a complete case study on how I improved the users experience when creating and setting up a new server here!


One of the most important features of the Rackspace App are Tickets followed by Notifications. Here, users can view their tickets, see any activity that requires attention, awareness of alerts or monitoring status they have enabled, along with the ability to respond directly to a Rackspace support tech or generate a new support ticket to get assistance with right away.

Before and After mockups for the ticketing platform.

This was a big challenge because this would require implementing a new backend API which would handle the user flow much differently. Also because the mobile design is always limited on space. To achieve this, I revised the date/time stamp pattern so that it would be consistent. Made sure that subjects and comments were truncated after a maximum of 2 lines each. Then, I added an indicator that would tell users which tickets need attention, just like they would see on the web portal.

Icons & Navigation

In addition to the screen redesigns, updating the iconography in the app was another task necessary to tackle and bring consistency and clarity to their meanings. I had help from another designer on my team to help document and analyze all of the differences. Let’s take a closer look at how this was achieved in our navigation.

A fairly robust and thorough review of icon usage throughout the application and related customer-facing interfaces.

They are as follows: Monitoring, Servers, Tickets, Notifications, and Support

... ...
Before and After of bottom Android & iOS tab navigation.


Short. Sweet. Big difference!

Since the release of this update, we saw a significant increase in total users, over 40%, since shipping the rebranded Rackspace Mobile App Look & Feel.

Preview of Rackspace Mobile on Apple iOS App Store.

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of my process and thoughts behind the redesign. Download the app for Android and iOS.

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